What better way to spend the second last morning of winter?

This year sees a new course for the Dirty Dozen - a real cracker, with a few surprises. Woohoo!


This is a 12-ish* kilometre seductively flowing trail, run on the near legendary bike trails of the Dunsborough MTB Skills Development Park, completely unambiguous - you'll be left in no doubt that the hills are all up, the rocks are hard, treacherous and well-connected (don't kick them), the obstacles are obstacular, and the easy bits...well, there's so few of those that it's not worth bothering about them. However, the views are nothing short of beautiful, and the kangaroos are a great audience. If you've never given blood for a good cause before, now's the time - but please take care!

There are no road crossings or paved sections - just go to whoa dirt, mud, rocks and trail trickery. Find out more on the EVENTS tab.

*As usual, we don't actually know exactly how long the course is, and we like it that way - as dedicated trail runners, accurate measurement is not high on our list of essential ingredients. No doubt someone with a GPS will tell us what it was, but until then, we'll just call it a dozen and get on with the serious business of enjoying a good course.

LATE NEWS: It's 12.6km. ** sigh**.

SUNDAY 31 August
7:00 - 8:15am
Registration + Bib Collection
8:30amRace Briefing
9:00amRace Start
Email us for all enquiries.


  1. The drink station (at the 6km mark) is officially 'off course', and you must dispose of the plastic cup in the bin provided before re-entering the course.
  2. This is a 12km event and there is no real need for gels, etc. In the interests of the environment, we ask that all competitors consider *NOT* taking any gels or other food/supplements in wrappers.
  3. In many places the course follows switchbacks. You *must* stick to the marked course and not take short cuts across the bush.
  4. The race line is at the foot of any berms - no matter how tempting, please do not run high on the banked corners.
  5. Please don't use an iPod (or similar) - you need to be able to hear other runners and instructions from course marshals.
  6. All bridges and obstacles on the course are single track - no passing, and please take care when crossing.
  7. All obstacles are mandatory. There are no 'A' and 'B' lines.
  8. Mud and puddles should not be avoided - they are there for a purpose. Just tie your laces a little tighter, and enjoy the sights and sounds of life in a state of nature.

Email us for all enquiries.

We've gone 'Old School'

There's no compromise on the quality of the course, marking or marshalling, but we've cut back on the fanfare and fuss. And online entries. Now there's just 3 easy steps:

  1. The legal bit: Download the WAIVER FORM - it's not very amusing, but it's important. Please sign it and bring it on the day. Be there no later than 8am. (Under 18s - please have a parent sign it for you.)
  2. The financial bit: Entry fee is $25. Please bring real money on the day. You'll get a race bib in return.
  3. The fun bit: Run. In keeping with our minimal electronic footprint, there will be no chip timing. We have a very nice clock, and your finishing times will be carefully recorded in ink by a human.
  4. The optional fourth step - please stay around at the finish for low key presentations, some excellent local cakes and coffee, and questionable re-living of past trail adventures.